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SynthLUT Struct Reference

#include <ad9361.h>

Public Attributes

uint16_t VCO_MHz
uint8_t VCO_Output_Level
uint8_t VCO_Varactor
uint8_t VCO_Bias_Ref
uint8_t VCO_Bias_Tcf
uint8_t VCO_Cal_Offset
uint8_t VCO_Varactor_Reference
uint8_t Charge_Pump_Current
uint8_t LF_C2
uint8_t LF_C1
uint8_t LF_R1
uint8_t LF_C3
uint8_t LF_R3

Member Data Documentation

◆ Charge_Pump_Current

uint8_t SynthLUT::Charge_Pump_Current

◆ LF_C1

uint8_t SynthLUT::LF_C1

◆ LF_C2

uint8_t SynthLUT::LF_C2

◆ LF_C3

uint8_t SynthLUT::LF_C3

◆ LF_R1

uint8_t SynthLUT::LF_R1

◆ LF_R3

uint8_t SynthLUT::LF_R3

◆ VCO_Bias_Ref

uint8_t SynthLUT::VCO_Bias_Ref

◆ VCO_Bias_Tcf

uint8_t SynthLUT::VCO_Bias_Tcf

◆ VCO_Cal_Offset

uint8_t SynthLUT::VCO_Cal_Offset


uint16_t SynthLUT::VCO_MHz

◆ VCO_Output_Level

uint8_t SynthLUT::VCO_Output_Level

◆ VCO_Varactor

uint8_t SynthLUT::VCO_Varactor

◆ VCO_Varactor_Reference

uint8_t SynthLUT::VCO_Varactor_Reference

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