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ad3552r_desc Struct Reference

#include <ad3552r.h>

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Public Attributes

struct ad3552_transfer_config spi_cfg
struct no_os_spi_descspi
struct no_os_gpio_descldac
struct no_os_gpio_descreset
struct ad3552r_ch_data ch_data [AD3552R_NUM_CH]
uint8_t crc_table [NO_OS_CRC8_TABLE_SIZE]
uint8_t chip_id
uint8_t crc_en: 1

Member Data Documentation

◆ ch_data

struct ad3552r_ch_data ad3552r_desc::ch_data[AD3552R_NUM_CH]

◆ chip_id

uint8_t ad3552r_desc::chip_id

◆ crc_en

uint8_t ad3552r_desc::crc_en

◆ crc_table

uint8_t ad3552r_desc::crc_table[NO_OS_CRC8_TABLE_SIZE]

◆ ldac

struct no_os_gpio_desc* ad3552r_desc::ldac

◆ reset

struct no_os_gpio_desc* ad3552r_desc::reset

◆ spi

struct no_os_spi_desc* ad3552r_desc::spi

◆ spi_cfg

struct ad3552_transfer_config ad3552r_desc::spi_cfg

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