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ad463x_init_param Struct Reference

#include <ad463x.h>

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Public Attributes

struct no_os_spi_init_paramspi_init
struct no_os_gpio_init_paramgpio_resetn
struct no_os_pwm_init_paramtrigger_pwm_init
struct spi_engine_offload_init_paramoffload_init_param
struct axi_clkgen_initclkgen_init
uint32_t axi_clkgen_rate
uint32_t reg_access_speed
enum ad463x_id device_id
uint8_t reg_data_width
uint8_t lane_mode
uint8_t clock_mode
uint8_t data_rate
uint8_t output_mode
void(* dcache_invalidate_range )(uint32_t address, uint32_t bytes_count)

Member Data Documentation

◆ axi_clkgen_rate

uint32_t ad463x_init_param::axi_clkgen_rate

Clock generator rate

◆ clkgen_init

struct axi_clkgen_init* ad463x_init_param::clkgen_init

Clock gen for hdl design init structure

◆ clock_mode

uint8_t ad463x_init_param::clock_mode

Clock Mode

◆ data_rate

uint8_t ad463x_init_param::data_rate

Data Rate Mode

◆ dcache_invalidate_range

void(* ad463x_init_param::dcache_invalidate_range) (uint32_t address, uint32_t bytes_count)

Invalidate the Data cache for the given address range

◆ device_id

enum ad463x_id ad463x_init_param::device_id

Device id

◆ gpio_resetn

struct no_os_gpio_init_param* ad463x_init_param::gpio_resetn


◆ lane_mode

uint8_t ad463x_init_param::lane_mode

Lane Mode

◆ offload_init_param

struct spi_engine_offload_init_param* ad463x_init_param::offload_init_param

SPI module offload init

◆ output_mode

uint8_t ad463x_init_param::output_mode

Output Mode

◆ reg_access_speed

uint32_t ad463x_init_param::reg_access_speed

Register access speed

◆ reg_data_width

uint8_t ad463x_init_param::reg_data_width

Register data width

◆ spi_init

struct no_os_spi_init_param* ad463x_init_param::spi_init


◆ trigger_pwm_init

struct no_os_pwm_init_param* ad463x_init_param::trigger_pwm_init


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