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ad5755_setup Struct Reference

Stores the settings that will be written to the device when the "AD5755_Init" functions is called. More...

#include <ad5755.h>

Public Attributes

uint8_t pin_ad0state
uint8_t pin_ad1state
uint8_t enable_packet_error_check
uint8_t poc_bit
uint8_t stat_readbit
uint8_t sht_cc_lim_bit
uint8_t rset_bits [4]
uint8_t ovrng_bits [4]
uint8_t dc_dc_comp_bit
uint8_t dc_dc_phase_bit
uint8_t dc_dc_freq_bit
uint8_t dc_dc_max_vbit

Detailed Description

Stores the settings that will be written to the device when the "AD5755_Init" functions is called.

Member Data Documentation

◆ dc_dc_comp_bit

uint8_t ad5755_setup::dc_dc_comp_bit

Selects between an internal and external compensation resistor for the dc-to-dc converter. Range 0..1

◆ dc_dc_freq_bit

uint8_t ad5755_setup::dc_dc_freq_bit

DC-to-dc switching frequency. Range 0..2

◆ dc_dc_max_vbit

uint8_t ad5755_setup::dc_dc_max_vbit

Maximum allowed VBOOST_x voltage supplied by the dc-to-dc converter. Range 0..3

◆ dc_dc_phase_bit

uint8_t ad5755_setup::dc_dc_phase_bit

User programmable dc-to-dc converter phase (between channels). Range 0..3

◆ enable_packet_error_check

uint8_t ad5755_setup::enable_packet_error_check

Enables/Disables the Packet Error Checking that is used during all SPI transfers. Range 0..1

◆ ovrng_bits

uint8_t ad5755_setup::ovrng_bits[4]

Enables 20% overrange on voltage output channel only. Range 0..1

◆ pin_ad0state

uint8_t ad5755_setup::pin_ad0state

Reflects the logic state of the external pin AD0. Range 0..1

◆ pin_ad1state

uint8_t ad5755_setup::pin_ad1state

Reflects the logic state of the external pin AD1. Range 0..1

◆ poc_bit

uint8_t ad5755_setup::poc_bit

Power-On Condition. Determines the state of the voltage output channels during normal operation. 0 - The output goes to the value set by the POC hardware pin when the voltage output is not enabled; 1 - The output goes to the opposite value of the POC hardware pin if the voltage output is not enabled.

◆ rset_bits

uint8_t ad5755_setup::rset_bits[4]

Selects an internal or external current sense resistor for the selected DAC channel: 0 - selects the external resistor 1 - selects the internal resistor

◆ sht_cc_lim_bit

uint8_t ad5755_setup::sht_cc_lim_bit

Programmable short-circuit limit on the VOUT_x pin in the event of a short-circuit condition: 0 - 16 mA 1 - 8 mA

◆ stat_readbit

uint8_t ad5755_setup::stat_readbit

Enables/Disables status readback during a write. Range 0..1

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