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ad7606_dev Struct Reference

Device driver structure. More...

#include <ad7606.h>

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Public Attributes

struct no_os_spi_descspi_desc
struct no_os_gpio_descgpio_reset
struct no_os_gpio_descgpio_convst
struct no_os_gpio_descgpio_busy
struct no_os_gpio_descgpio_stby_n
struct no_os_gpio_descgpio_range
struct no_os_gpio_descgpio_os0
struct no_os_gpio_descgpio_os1
struct no_os_gpio_descgpio_os2
struct no_os_gpio_descgpio_par_ser
enum ad7606_device_id device_id
struct ad7606_oversampling oversampling
bool sw_mode
bool reg_mode
enum ad7606_dout_format max_dout_lines
struct ad7606_config config
struct ad7606_digital_diag digital_diag_enable
uint8_t num_channels
int8_t offset_ch [AD7606_MAX_CHANNELS]
uint8_t phase_ch [AD7606_MAX_CHANNELS]
uint8_t gain_ch [AD7606_MAX_CHANNELS]
struct ad7606_range range_ch [AD7606_MAX_CHANNELS]
uint8_t data [28]

Detailed Description

Device driver structure.

Device driver initialization parameters.

Member Data Documentation

◆ config

struct ad7606_config ad7606_dev::config

Configuration register settings

◆ data

uint8_t ad7606_dev::data[28]

Data buffer (used internally by the SPI communication functions)

◆ device_id

enum ad7606_device_id ad7606_dev::device_id

Device ID

◆ digital_diag_enable

struct ad7606_digital_diag ad7606_dev::digital_diag_enable

Digital diagnostics register settings

◆ gain_ch

uint8_t ad7606_dev::gain_ch[AD7606_MAX_CHANNELS]

Channel gain calibration

◆ gpio_busy

struct no_os_gpio_desc* ad7606_dev::gpio_busy

BUSY GPIO descriptor

◆ gpio_convst

struct no_os_gpio_desc* ad7606_dev::gpio_convst

CONVST GPIO descriptor

◆ gpio_os0

struct no_os_gpio_desc* ad7606_dev::gpio_os0

OS0 GPIO descriptor

◆ gpio_os1

struct no_os_gpio_desc* ad7606_dev::gpio_os1

OS1 GPIO descriptor

◆ gpio_os2

struct no_os_gpio_desc* ad7606_dev::gpio_os2

OS2 GPIO descriptor

◆ gpio_par_ser

struct no_os_gpio_desc* ad7606_dev::gpio_par_ser

PARn/SER GPIO descriptor

◆ gpio_range

struct no_os_gpio_desc* ad7606_dev::gpio_range

RANGE GPIO descriptor

◆ gpio_reset

struct no_os_gpio_desc* ad7606_dev::gpio_reset

RESET GPIO descriptor

◆ gpio_stby_n

struct no_os_gpio_desc* ad7606_dev::gpio_stby_n

STBYn GPIO descriptor

◆ max_dout_lines

enum ad7606_dout_format ad7606_dev::max_dout_lines

Number of DOUT lines supported by the device

◆ num_channels

uint8_t ad7606_dev::num_channels

Number of input channels of the device

◆ offset_ch

int8_t ad7606_dev::offset_ch[AD7606_MAX_CHANNELS]

Channel offset calibration

◆ oversampling

struct ad7606_oversampling ad7606_dev::oversampling

Oversampling settings

◆ phase_ch

uint8_t ad7606_dev::phase_ch[AD7606_MAX_CHANNELS]

Channel phase calibration

◆ range_ch

struct ad7606_range ad7606_dev::range_ch[AD7606_MAX_CHANNELS]

Channel operating range

◆ reg_mode

bool ad7606_dev::reg_mode

Whether the device is running in register or ADC reading mode

◆ spi_desc

struct no_os_spi_desc* ad7606_dev::spi_desc

SPI descriptor

◆ sw_mode

bool ad7606_dev::sw_mode

Whether the device is running in hardware or software mode

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