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ad7606_digital_diag Struct Reference

Oversampling settings. More...

#include <ad7606.h>

Public Attributes

bool rom_crc_err_en: 1
bool mm_crc_err_en: 1
bool int_crc_err_en: 1
bool spi_write_err_en: 1
bool spi_read_err_en: 1
bool busy_stuck_high_err_en: 1
bool clk_fs_os_counter_en: 1
bool interface_check_en: 1

Detailed Description

Oversampling settings.

Digital diagnostics configuration switches.

Member Data Documentation

◆ busy_stuck_high_err_en

bool ad7606_digital_diag::busy_stuck_high_err_en

Busy stuck high for more than 4us error switch

◆ clk_fs_os_counter_en

bool ad7606_digital_diag::clk_fs_os_counter_en

Frame sync and oversampling clock counter switch

◆ int_crc_err_en

bool ad7606_digital_diag::int_crc_err_en

Conversion and register data CRC check switch

◆ interface_check_en

bool ad7606_digital_diag::interface_check_en

Interface check switch

◆ mm_crc_err_en

bool ad7606_digital_diag::mm_crc_err_en

Mempry map CRC check switch

◆ rom_crc_err_en

bool ad7606_digital_diag::rom_crc_err_en

ROM CRC check switch

◆ spi_read_err_en

bool ad7606_digital_diag::spi_read_err_en

SPI read error switch

◆ spi_write_err_en

bool ad7606_digital_diag::spi_write_err_en

SPI write error switch

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