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ad77681_dev Struct Reference

#include <ad77681.h>

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Public Attributes

struct no_os_spi_descspi_desc
enum ad77681_power_mode power_mode
enum ad77681_mclk_div mclk_div
enum ad77681_conv_mode conv_mode
enum ad77681_conv_diag_mux diag_mux_sel
bool conv_diag_sel
enum ad77681_conv_len conv_len
enum ad77681_crc_sel crc_sel
uint8_t status_bit
enum ad77681_VCM_out VCM_out
enum ad77681_AINn_precharge AINn
enum ad77681_AINp_precharge AINp
enum ad77681_REFn_buffer REFn
enum ad77681_REFp_buffer REFp
enum ad77681_filter_type filter
enum ad77681_sinc5_fir_decimate decimate
uint16_t sinc3_osr
uint16_t vref
uint16_t mclk
uint32_t sample_rate
uint8_t data_frame_byte

Member Data Documentation

◆ AINn

enum ad77681_AINn_precharge ad77681_dev::AINn

◆ AINp

enum ad77681_AINp_precharge ad77681_dev::AINp

◆ conv_diag_sel

bool ad77681_dev::conv_diag_sel

◆ conv_len

enum ad77681_conv_len ad77681_dev::conv_len

◆ conv_mode

enum ad77681_conv_mode ad77681_dev::conv_mode

◆ crc_sel

enum ad77681_crc_sel ad77681_dev::crc_sel

◆ data_frame_byte

uint8_t ad77681_dev::data_frame_byte

◆ decimate

enum ad77681_sinc5_fir_decimate ad77681_dev::decimate

◆ diag_mux_sel

enum ad77681_conv_diag_mux ad77681_dev::diag_mux_sel

◆ filter

enum ad77681_filter_type ad77681_dev::filter

◆ mclk

uint16_t ad77681_dev::mclk

◆ mclk_div

enum ad77681_mclk_div ad77681_dev::mclk_div

◆ power_mode

enum ad77681_power_mode ad77681_dev::power_mode

◆ REFn

enum ad77681_REFn_buffer ad77681_dev::REFn

◆ REFp

enum ad77681_REFp_buffer ad77681_dev::REFp

◆ sample_rate

uint32_t ad77681_dev::sample_rate

◆ sinc3_osr

uint16_t ad77681_dev::sinc3_osr

◆ spi_desc

struct no_os_spi_desc* ad77681_dev::spi_desc

◆ status_bit

uint8_t ad77681_dev::status_bit

◆ VCM_out

enum ad77681_VCM_out ad77681_dev::VCM_out

◆ vref

uint16_t ad77681_dev::vref

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