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ad917x_handle_t Struct Reference

#include <AD917x.h>

Public Attributes

void * user_data
spi_sdo_config_t sdo
signal_type_t syncoutb
signal_coupling_t sysref
uint64_t dac_freq_hz
spi_xfer_t dev_xfer
delay_us_t delay_us
tx_en_pin_ctrl_t tx_en_pin_ctrl
reset_pin_ctrl_t reset_pin_ctrl
hw_open_t hw_open
hw_close_t hw_close

Detailed Description

AD917X API handle

Member Data Documentation

◆ dac_freq_hz

uint64_t ad917x_handle_t::dac_freq_hz

DAC Clock Frequency in Hz. Valid range 2.9GHz to 12GHz

◆ delay_us

delay_us_t ad917x_handle_t::delay_us

Function Pointer to HAL delay function

◆ dev_xfer

spi_xfer_t ad917x_handle_t::dev_xfer

Function Pointer to HAL SPI access function

◆ hw_close

hw_close_t ad917x_handle_t::hw_close

Function Pointer to HAL de-initialization function

◆ hw_open

hw_open_t ad917x_handle_t::hw_open

Function Pointer to HAL initialization function

◆ reset_pin_ctrl

reset_pin_ctrl_t ad917x_handle_t::reset_pin_ctrl

Function Point to HAL RESETB Pin Ctrl Function

◆ sdo

spi_sdo_config_t ad917x_handle_t::sdo

DAC SPI interface configuration

◆ syncoutb

signal_type_t ad917x_handle_t::syncoutb

Desired Signal type for SYNCOUTB signal

◆ sysref

signal_coupling_t ad917x_handle_t::sysref

Desired Input coupling for sysref signal

◆ tx_en_pin_ctrl

tx_en_pin_ctrl_t ad917x_handle_t::tx_en_pin_ctrl

Function Pointer to HAL TX_ENABLE Pin Ctrl function

◆ user_data

void* ad917x_handle_t::user_data

Void pointer to user defined data for HAL initialization

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