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ad9250_fast_detect_cfg Struct Reference

Fast Detect module configuration. More...

#include <ad9250.h>

Public Attributes

int8_t en_fd
int8_t pin_function
int8_t force_pins
int8_t pin_force_value
int16_t fd_upper_tresh
int16_t fd_lower_tresh
int16_t df_dwell_time

Detailed Description

Fast Detect module configuration.

Member Data Documentation

◆ df_dwell_time

int16_t ad9250_fast_detect_cfg::df_dwell_time

Fast Detect Dwell Time[15:0].

◆ en_fd

int8_t ad9250_fast_detect_cfg::en_fd

Enable fast detect output. 0 = disable 1 = enable

◆ fd_lower_tresh

int16_t ad9250_fast_detect_cfg::fd_lower_tresh

Fast Detect Lower Threshold[14:0].

◆ fd_upper_tresh

int16_t ad9250_fast_detect_cfg::fd_upper_tresh

Fast Detect Upper Threshold[14:0].

◆ force_pins

int8_t ad9250_fast_detect_cfg::force_pins

Force FDA/FDB pins 0 = normal function 1 = force to value

◆ pin_force_value

int8_t ad9250_fast_detect_cfg::pin_force_value

Force value of FDA/FDB pins. 0 = output on FD pins will be 0 1 = output on FD pins will be 1

◆ pin_function

int8_t ad9250_fast_detect_cfg::pin_function

Pin function. 0 = fast detect 1 = overrange

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