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ad9528_channel_spec Struct Reference

Output channel configuration. More...

#include <ad9528.h>

Public Attributes

uint8_t channel_num
uint8_t sync_ignore_en
uint8_t output_dis
uint8_t driver_mode
uint8_t signal_source
uint8_t divider_phase
uint16_t channel_divider
int8_t extended_name [16]

Detailed Description

Output channel configuration.

Member Data Documentation

◆ channel_divider

uint16_t ad9528_channel_spec::channel_divider

10-bit channel divider.

◆ channel_num

uint8_t ad9528_channel_spec::channel_num

Output channel number.

◆ divider_phase

uint8_t ad9528_channel_spec::divider_phase

Divider initial phase after a SYNC. Range 0..63 LSB = 1/2 of a period of the divider input clock.

◆ driver_mode

uint8_t ad9528_channel_spec::driver_mode

Output driver mode (logic level family).

◆ extended_name

int8_t ad9528_channel_spec::extended_name[16]

Optional descriptive channel name.

◆ output_dis

uint8_t ad9528_channel_spec::output_dis

Disables, powers down the entire channel.

◆ signal_source

uint8_t ad9528_channel_spec::signal_source

◆ sync_ignore_en

uint8_t ad9528_channel_spec::sync_ignore_en

Ignore chip-level SYNC signal.

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