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ad9528_platform_data Struct Reference

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#include <ad9528.h>

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Public Attributes

uint32_t vcxo_freq
uint8_t spi3wire
uint8_t refa_en
uint8_t refb_en
uint8_t refa_diff_rcv_en
uint8_t refb_diff_rcv_en
uint8_t osc_in_diff_en
uint8_t refa_cmos_neg_inp_en
uint8_t refb_cmos_neg_inp_en
uint8_t osc_in_cmos_neg_inp_en
uint16_t refa_r_div
uint16_t refb_r_div
uint16_t pll1_feedback_div
uint8_t pll1_feedback_src_vcxo
uint16_t pll1_charge_pump_current_nA
uint8_t pll1_bypass_en
uint8_t ref_mode
uint8_t sysref_src
uint8_t sysref_pattern_mode
uint16_t sysref_k_div
uint8_t sysref_nshot_mode
uint8_t sysref_req_trigger_mode
bool sysref_req_en
uint32_t pll2_charge_pump_current_nA
uint8_t pll2_ndiv_a_cnt
uint8_t pll2_ndiv_b_cnt
uint8_t pll2_freq_doubler_en
uint8_t pll2_r1_div
uint8_t pll2_n2_div
uint8_t pll2_vco_div_m1
bool pll2_bypass_en
uint8_t rpole2
uint8_t rzero
uint8_t cpole1
uint8_t rzero_bypass_en
uint32_t num_channels
struct ad9528_channel_specchannels
uint8_t stat0_pin_func_sel
uint8_t stat1_pin_func_sel

Detailed Description

platform specific information

Member Data Documentation

◆ channels

struct ad9528_channel_spec* ad9528_platform_data::channels

Pointer to channel array.

◆ cpole1

uint8_t ad9528_platform_data::cpole1

PLL2 loop filter Cpole capacitor value.

◆ num_channels

uint32_t ad9528_platform_data::num_channels

Array size of struct ad9528_channel_spec.

◆ osc_in_cmos_neg_inp_en

uint8_t ad9528_platform_data::osc_in_cmos_neg_inp_en

OSC single-ended neg./pos. input enable.

◆ osc_in_diff_en

uint8_t ad9528_platform_data::osc_in_diff_en

OSC differential/ single-ended input selection.

◆ pll1_bypass_en

uint8_t ad9528_platform_data::pll1_bypass_en

Bypass PLL1 - Single loop mode

◆ pll1_charge_pump_current_nA

uint16_t ad9528_platform_data::pll1_charge_pump_current_nA

Magnitude of PLL1 charge pump current (nA).

◆ pll1_feedback_div

uint16_t ad9528_platform_data::pll1_feedback_div

PLL1 10-bit Feedback N divider.

◆ pll1_feedback_src_vcxo

uint8_t ad9528_platform_data::pll1_feedback_src_vcxo

PLL1 Feedback source, True = VCXO, False = VCO

◆ pll2_bypass_en

bool ad9528_platform_data::pll2_bypass_en

Bypass PLL2

◆ pll2_charge_pump_current_nA

uint32_t ad9528_platform_data::pll2_charge_pump_current_nA

Magnitude of PLL2 charge pump current (nA).

◆ pll2_freq_doubler_en

uint8_t ad9528_platform_data::pll2_freq_doubler_en

PLL2 frequency doubler enable.

◆ pll2_n2_div

uint8_t ad9528_platform_data::pll2_n2_div

PLL2 N2 divider, range 1..256.

◆ pll2_ndiv_a_cnt

uint8_t ad9528_platform_data::pll2_ndiv_a_cnt

PLL2 Feedback N-divider, A Counter, range 0..4.

◆ pll2_ndiv_b_cnt

uint8_t ad9528_platform_data::pll2_ndiv_b_cnt

PLL2 Feedback N-divider, B Counter, range 0..63.

◆ pll2_r1_div

uint8_t ad9528_platform_data::pll2_r1_div

PLL2 R1 divider, range 1..31.

◆ pll2_vco_div_m1

uint8_t ad9528_platform_data::pll2_vco_div_m1

VCO1 divider, range 3..5.

◆ ref_mode

uint8_t ad9528_platform_data::ref_mode

Reference selection mode.

◆ refa_cmos_neg_inp_en

uint8_t ad9528_platform_data::refa_cmos_neg_inp_en

REFA single-ended neg./pos. input enable.

◆ refa_diff_rcv_en

uint8_t ad9528_platform_data::refa_diff_rcv_en

REFA differential/single-ended input selection.

◆ refa_en

uint8_t ad9528_platform_data::refa_en

REFA input enable.

◆ refa_r_div

uint16_t ad9528_platform_data::refa_r_div

PLL1 10-bit REFA R divider.

◆ refb_cmos_neg_inp_en

uint8_t ad9528_platform_data::refb_cmos_neg_inp_en

REFB single-ended neg./pos. input enable.

◆ refb_diff_rcv_en

uint8_t ad9528_platform_data::refb_diff_rcv_en

REFB differential/single-ended input selection.

◆ refb_en

uint8_t ad9528_platform_data::refb_en

REFB input enable.

◆ refb_r_div

uint16_t ad9528_platform_data::refb_r_div

PLL1 10-bit REFB R divider.

◆ rpole2

uint8_t ad9528_platform_data::rpole2

PLL2 loop filter Rpole resistor value.

◆ rzero

uint8_t ad9528_platform_data::rzero

PLL2 loop filter Rzero resistor value.

◆ rzero_bypass_en

uint8_t ad9528_platform_data::rzero_bypass_en

PLL2 loop filter Rzero bypass enable.

◆ spi3wire

uint8_t ad9528_platform_data::spi3wire

SPI 3-Wire mode enable

◆ stat0_pin_func_sel

uint8_t ad9528_platform_data::stat0_pin_func_sel

Status Monitor Pin 0 function selection.

◆ stat1_pin_func_sel

uint8_t ad9528_platform_data::stat1_pin_func_sel

Status Monitor Pin 1 function selection.

◆ sysref_k_div

uint16_t ad9528_platform_data::sysref_k_div

SYSREF pattern generator K divier

◆ sysref_nshot_mode

uint8_t ad9528_platform_data::sysref_nshot_mode

SYSREF pattern NSHOT mode

◆ sysref_pattern_mode

uint8_t ad9528_platform_data::sysref_pattern_mode

SYSREF pattern mode

◆ sysref_req_en

bool ad9528_platform_data::sysref_req_en

SYSREF request pin mode enable (default SPI mode)

◆ sysref_req_trigger_mode

uint8_t ad9528_platform_data::sysref_req_trigger_mode

SYSREF request trigger mode

◆ sysref_src

uint8_t ad9528_platform_data::sysref_src

SYSREF pattern generator clock source

◆ vcxo_freq

uint32_t ad9528_platform_data::vcxo_freq

External VCXO frequency in Hz

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