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adf4106_settings_t Struct Reference

store the value of all the latch and the input reference frequency More...

#include <adf4106.h>

Public Attributes

uint32_t ref_in
uint32_t pfd_max
uint16_t ref_counter: 14
uint8_t anti_backlash_width: 2
uint8_t test_mode_bits: 1
uint8_t lock_detect_precision: 1
uint8_t a_n_counter: 6
uint16_t b_n_counter: 13
uint8_t cp_gain: 1
uint8_t counter_reset: 1
uint8_t power_down1: 1
uint8_t muxout_control: 3
uint8_t phase_detector_pol: 1
uint8_t cp_type: 1
uint8_t fast_lock_mode: 2
uint8_t timer_counter_control: 4
uint8_t current_setting1: 3
uint8_t current_setting2: 3
uint8_t power_down2: 1
uint8_t prescaler_value: 2

Detailed Description

store the value of all the latch and the input reference frequency

Member Data Documentation

◆ a_n_counter

uint8_t adf4106_settings_t::a_n_counter

a 6 bits counter is supported at ADF4106

◆ anti_backlash_width

uint8_t adf4106_settings_t::anti_backlash_width

The width of the anti-backlash pulse, this pulse ensures that no dead zone is in the PFD transfer function and minimizes phase noise and reference spurs.

◆ b_n_counter

uint16_t adf4106_settings_t::b_n_counter

a 13 bits counter

◆ counter_reset

uint8_t adf4106_settings_t::counter_reset

resets the R and N counters

◆ cp_gain

uint8_t adf4106_settings_t::cp_gain

determines which charge pump current settings is used

◆ cp_type

uint8_t adf4106_settings_t::cp_type

the type of the Charge Pump output

◆ current_setting1

uint8_t adf4106_settings_t::current_setting1

is used when the RF output is stable and the system is in static state

◆ current_setting2

uint8_t adf4106_settings_t::current_setting2

is meant to be used when the system is dynamic and in a state of change (i.e., when a new output frequency is programmed)

◆ fast_lock_mode

uint8_t adf4106_settings_t::fast_lock_mode

set the desired Fast Lock Mode

◆ lock_detect_precision

uint8_t adf4106_settings_t::lock_detect_precision

determines the number of consecutive cycles of phase delay, that must occur before lock detect is set

◆ muxout_control

uint8_t adf4106_settings_t::muxout_control

the type of the MUXOUT output

◆ pfd_max

uint32_t adf4106_settings_t::pfd_max

PFD max frequency

◆ phase_detector_pol

uint8_t adf4106_settings_t::phase_detector_pol

the polarity of the Phase Detector

◆ power_down1

uint8_t adf4106_settings_t::power_down1

activate power down mode

◆ power_down2

uint8_t adf4106_settings_t::power_down2

define the type of the power down

◆ prescaler_value

uint8_t adf4106_settings_t::prescaler_value

the value of the prescaler

◆ ref_counter

uint16_t adf4106_settings_t::ref_counter

The initial value of the 14 bit Reference Counter register

◆ ref_in

uint32_t adf4106_settings_t::ref_in

Reference Input Frequency

◆ test_mode_bits

uint8_t adf4106_settings_t::test_mode_bits

Should be set to zero for Normal operation

◆ timer_counter_control

uint8_t adf4106_settings_t::timer_counter_control

how long will be the secondary charge pump current active, before reverting to the primary current

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