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adf4377_dev Struct Reference

ADF4377 Device Descriptor. More...

#include <adf4377.h>

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Public Attributes

struct no_os_spi_descspi_desc
struct no_os_gpio_descgpio_enclk1
struct no_os_gpio_descgpio_enclk2
struct no_os_gpio_descgpio_ce
enum adf4377_dev_id dev_id
bool spi4wire
uint32_t f_pfd
uint64_t f_clk
uint64_t f_vco
uint32_t clkin_freq
uint8_t cp_i
uint8_t muxout_default
uint8_t ref_doubler_en
uint32_t ref_div_factor
uint8_t clkout_div_sel
uint16_t n_int
uint8_t clkout_op

Detailed Description

ADF4377 Device Descriptor.

Member Data Documentation

◆ clkin_freq

uint32_t adf4377_dev::clkin_freq

Input Reference Clock

◆ clkout_div_sel

uint8_t adf4377_dev::clkout_div_sel

CLKOUT Divider

◆ clkout_op

uint8_t adf4377_dev::clkout_op

Output Amplitude

◆ cp_i

uint8_t adf4377_dev::cp_i

Charge Pump Current

◆ dev_id

enum adf4377_dev_id adf4377_dev::dev_id

Device ID

◆ f_clk

uint64_t adf4377_dev::f_clk

Output frequency

◆ f_pfd

uint32_t adf4377_dev::f_pfd

PFD Frequency

◆ f_vco

uint64_t adf4377_dev::f_vco

Output frequency of the VCO

◆ gpio_ce

struct no_os_gpio_desc* adf4377_dev::gpio_ce

GPIO Chip Enable

◆ gpio_enclk1

struct no_os_gpio_desc* adf4377_dev::gpio_enclk1


◆ gpio_enclk2

struct no_os_gpio_desc* adf4377_dev::gpio_enclk2


◆ muxout_default

uint8_t adf4377_dev::muxout_default

MUXOUT Default

◆ n_int

uint16_t adf4377_dev::n_int

Feedback Divider (N)

◆ ref_div_factor

uint32_t adf4377_dev::ref_div_factor

Reference Divider

◆ ref_doubler_en

uint8_t adf4377_dev::ref_doubler_en

Reference doubler enable

◆ spi4wire

bool adf4377_dev::spi4wire

SPI 3-Wire

◆ spi_desc

struct no_os_spi_desc* adf4377_dev::spi_desc

SPI Descriptor

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