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adpd410x_timeslot_init Struct Reference

Initialization structure for time slots. More...

#include <adpd410x.h>

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Public Attributes

bool enable_ch2
struct adpd410x_ts_inputs ts_inputs
enum adpd410x_precon_opt precon_option
enum adpd410x_tia_vref_volt afe_trim_opt
enum adpd410x_tia_vref_volt vref_pulse_opt
enum adpd410x_tia_vref_ref chan1
enum adpd410x_tia_vref_ref chan2
uint8_t pulse4_reverse
uint8_t pulse4_subtract
uint8_t byte_no
uint8_t dec_factor
union adpd410x_led_control led2
union adpd410x_led_control led1
union adpd410x_led_control led4
union adpd410x_led_control led3
uint8_t adc_cycles
uint8_t repeats_no

Detailed Description

Initialization structure for time slots.

Member Data Documentation

◆ adc_cycles

uint8_t adpd410x_timeslot_init::adc_cycles

ADC integration cycles per conversion

◆ afe_trim_opt

enum adpd410x_tia_vref_volt adpd410x_timeslot_init::afe_trim_opt

TIA reference voltage

◆ byte_no

uint8_t adpd410x_timeslot_init::byte_no

Bytes number for time slot

◆ chan1

enum adpd410x_tia_vref_ref adpd410x_timeslot_init::chan1

TIA resistor gain setting for channel 1

◆ chan2

enum adpd410x_tia_vref_ref adpd410x_timeslot_init::chan2

TIA resistor gain setting for channel 2

◆ dec_factor

uint8_t adpd410x_timeslot_init::dec_factor

Decimate factor - 1

◆ enable_ch2

bool adpd410x_timeslot_init::enable_ch2

Enable ADC channel 2 for a time slot

◆ led1

union adpd410x_led_control adpd410x_timeslot_init::led1

LED 1 output and current control

◆ led2

union adpd410x_led_control adpd410x_timeslot_init::led2

LED 2 output and current control

◆ led3

union adpd410x_led_control adpd410x_timeslot_init::led3

LED 3 output and current control

◆ led4

union adpd410x_led_control adpd410x_timeslot_init::led4

LED 4 output and current control

◆ precon_option

enum adpd410x_precon_opt adpd410x_timeslot_init::precon_option

Time slot input precondition option

◆ pulse4_reverse

uint8_t adpd410x_timeslot_init::pulse4_reverse

LED pulse reverse pattern

◆ pulse4_subtract

uint8_t adpd410x_timeslot_init::pulse4_subtract

LED pulse subtracion pattern

◆ repeats_no

uint8_t adpd410x_timeslot_init::repeats_no

ADC number of LED pulses per cycle

◆ ts_inputs

struct adpd410x_ts_inputs adpd410x_timeslot_init::ts_inputs

Time slot input configuration

◆ vref_pulse_opt

enum adpd410x_tia_vref_volt adpd410x_timeslot_init::vref_pulse_opt

TIA alternative reference voltage for pulsing property

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