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aducm_device_desc Struct Reference

Structure describing the physical SPI devices. More...

#include <aducm3029_spi.h>

Public Attributes

uint8_t buffer [ADI_SPI_MEMORY_SIZE]
ADI_SPI_HANDLE spi_handle
uint32_t ref_instances
uint32_t bitrate
uint8_t cs
enum no_os_spi_mode mode
enum master_mode master_mode
bool continuous_mode

Detailed Description

Structure describing the physical SPI devices.

Member Data Documentation

◆ bitrate

uint32_t aducm_device_desc::bitrate


◆ buffer

uint8_t aducm_device_desc::buffer[ADI_SPI_MEMORY_SIZE]

Buffer for the ADI driver

◆ continuous_mode

bool aducm_device_desc::continuous_mode

Enable or disable continuous mode

◆ cs

uint8_t aducm_device_desc::cs


◆ master_mode

enum master_mode aducm_device_desc::master_mode

Select the operation mode

◆ mode

enum no_os_spi_mode aducm_device_desc::mode

SPI mode

◆ ref_instances

uint32_t aducm_device_desc::ref_instances

Number of instances referring this structure

◆ spi_handle

ADI_SPI_HANDLE aducm_device_desc::spi_handle

Handle to identify the SPI device

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