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adxcvr Struct Reference

ADI JESD204B/C AXI_ADXCVR Highspeed Transceiver Device structure. More...

#include <altera_adxcvr.h>

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Public Attributes

const char * name
uint32_t base
bool is_transmit
uint32_t lanes_per_link
uint32_t adxcfg_base [4]
uint32_t atx_pll_base
uint32_t reset_counter
uint32_t lane_rate_khz
uint32_t parent_rate_khz
bool initial_recalc
bool cpll_enable
bool qpll_enable
bool tx_enable
bool lpm_enable
uint32_t num_lanes
uint32_t ref_rate_khz
uint32_t sys_clk_sel
uint32_t out_clk_sel
struct xilinx_xcvr xlx_xcvr

Detailed Description

ADI JESD204B/C AXI_ADXCVR Highspeed Transceiver Device structure.

ADI JESD204B/C AXI_ADXCVR Highspeed Transceiver Initialization structure.

Member Data Documentation

◆ adxcfg_base

uint32_t adxcvr::adxcfg_base[4]

◆ atx_pll_base

uint32_t adxcvr::atx_pll_base

◆ base

uint32_t adxcvr::base

Base address

◆ cpll_enable

bool adxcvr::cpll_enable

Enable CPLL for the transceiver

◆ initial_recalc

bool adxcvr::initial_recalc

◆ is_transmit

bool adxcvr::is_transmit

◆ lane_rate_khz

uint32_t adxcvr::lane_rate_khz

Lane rate in KHz

◆ lanes_per_link

uint32_t adxcvr::lanes_per_link

◆ lpm_enable

bool adxcvr::lpm_enable

Enable LPM mode for the transceiver. Otherwise use DFE.

◆ name

const char * adxcvr::name

Device Name

◆ num_lanes

uint32_t adxcvr::num_lanes

Number of lanes

◆ out_clk_sel

uint32_t adxcvr::out_clk_sel

Controls the OUTCLKSEL multiplexer, controlling what will be forwarded to OUTCLK pin.

◆ parent_rate_khz

uint32_t adxcvr::parent_rate_khz

◆ qpll_enable

bool adxcvr::qpll_enable

Enable QPLL for the transceiver

◆ ref_rate_khz

uint32_t adxcvr::ref_rate_khz

Reference Clock rate

◆ reset_counter

uint32_t adxcvr::reset_counter

◆ sys_clk_sel

uint32_t adxcvr::sys_clk_sel

Select the PLL reference clock source to be forwarded to the OUTCLK MUX: 0-CPLL, 3-QPLL0.

◆ tx_enable

bool adxcvr::tx_enable

TX Enable

◆ xlx_xcvr

struct xilinx_xcvr adxcvr::xlx_xcvr

Structure holding the configuration of the Xilinx Transceiver.

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