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adxl313_dev Struct Reference

ADXL313 Device structure. More...

#include <adxl313.h>

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Public Attributes

union adxl313_comm_desc com_desc
enum adxl313_comm_type comm_type
enum adxl313_type dev_type
enum adxl313_range range
enum adxl313_resolution resolution
enum adxl313_op_mode op_mode
enum adxl313_lp_mode lp_mode
enum adxl313_odr odr
uint8_t x_offset_raw
uint8_t y_offset_raw
uint8_t z_offset_raw
int64_t scale_factor_mult
enum adxl313_fifo_mode fifo_mode
uint8_t fifo_samples
uint8_t act_thr
uint8_t inact_thr
uint8_t time_inact
union adxl313_act_inact_ctl_flags act_inact_ctl
uint8_t comm_buff [24]

Detailed Description

ADXL313 Device structure.

Member Data Documentation

◆ act_inact_ctl

union adxl313_act_inact_ctl_flags adxl313_dev::act_inact_ctl

The contents of the ACT_INACT_CTL register

◆ act_thr

uint8_t adxl313_dev::act_thr

Threshold value for detecting activity, raw data

◆ com_desc

union adxl313_comm_desc adxl313_dev::com_desc

Device communication descriptor

◆ comm_buff

uint8_t adxl313_dev::comm_buff[24]

Buffer used for communication with ADXL313

◆ comm_type

enum adxl313_comm_type adxl313_dev::comm_type

Device Communication type: ADXL313_SPI_COMM, ADXL313_I2C_COMM

◆ dev_type

enum adxl313_type adxl313_dev::dev_type

Device type

◆ fifo_mode

enum adxl313_fifo_mode adxl313_dev::fifo_mode

ADXL313 FIFO mode selection

◆ fifo_samples

uint8_t adxl313_dev::fifo_samples

Number of FISO samples before FIFO event signalling

◆ inact_thr

uint8_t adxl313_dev::inact_thr

Threshold value for detecting inactivity, raw data

◆ lp_mode

enum adxl313_lp_mode adxl313_dev::lp_mode

ADXL313 LOW POOWER operation mode (NONE, ON, or AUTOSLEEP)

◆ odr

enum adxl313_odr adxl313_dev::odr

ADXL313 output data rate

◆ op_mode

enum adxl313_op_mode adxl313_dev::op_mode

ADXL313 operation mode, STDBY or MEASURE

◆ range

enum adxl313_range adxl313_dev::range

ADXL313 measurement range

◆ resolution

enum adxl313_resolution adxl313_dev::resolution

ADXL313 resolution

◆ scale_factor_mult

int64_t adxl313_dev::scale_factor_mult

Scale factor multiplier for data conversion to m/s^2

◆ time_inact

uint8_t adxl313_dev::time_inact

Amount of time for inactivity to be declared

◆ x_offset_raw

uint8_t adxl313_dev::x_offset_raw

User-set offset adjustments on the X axis in twos complement format with a scale factor depending on device

◆ y_offset_raw

uint8_t adxl313_dev::y_offset_raw

User-set offset adjustments on the Y axis in twos complement format with a scale factor depending on device

◆ z_offset_raw

uint8_t adxl313_dev::z_offset_raw

User-set offset adjustments on the Z axis in twos complement format with a scale factor depending on device

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