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adxl367_dev Struct Reference

ADXL367 Device structure. More...

#include <adxl367.h>

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Public Attributes

enum adxl367_comm_type comm_type
struct no_os_spi_descspi_desc
struct no_os_i2c_desci2c_desc
uint8_t i2c_slave_address
enum adxl367_range range
enum adxl367_op_mode op_mode
enum adxl367_odr odr
enum adxl367_fifo_mode fifo_mode
enum adxl367_fifo_format fifo_format
enum adxl367_fifo_read_mode fifo_read_mode
uint8_t fifo_buffer [1027]
uint16_t x_offset
uint16_t y_offset
uint16_t z_offset

Detailed Description

ADXL367 Device structure.

Member Data Documentation

◆ comm_type

enum adxl367_comm_type adxl367_dev::comm_type

Communication type - I2C or SPI.

◆ fifo_buffer

uint8_t adxl367_dev::fifo_buffer[1027]

FIFO Buffer 513 * 2 + 1 cmd byte

◆ fifo_format

enum adxl367_fifo_format adxl367_dev::fifo_format

◆ fifo_mode

enum adxl367_fifo_mode adxl367_dev::fifo_mode

◆ fifo_read_mode

enum adxl367_fifo_read_mode adxl367_dev::fifo_read_mode

◆ i2c_desc

struct no_os_i2c_desc* adxl367_dev::i2c_desc

I2C Descriptor

◆ i2c_slave_address

uint8_t adxl367_dev::i2c_slave_address

Depending on ASEL pin, can be 0x53 or 0x1D. Only for I2C Comm.

◆ odr

enum adxl367_odr adxl367_dev::odr

◆ op_mode

enum adxl367_op_mode adxl367_dev::op_mode

◆ range

enum adxl367_range adxl367_dev::range

Measurement Range:

◆ spi_desc

struct no_os_spi_desc* adxl367_dev::spi_desc

SPI Descriptor

◆ x_offset

uint16_t adxl367_dev::x_offset

◆ y_offset

uint16_t adxl367_dev::y_offset

◆ z_offset

uint16_t adxl367_dev::z_offset

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