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axi_jesd204_rx Struct Reference

#include <axi_jesd204_rx.h>

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Public Attributes

const char * name
uint32_t base
uint32_t version
uint32_t num_lanes
uint32_t data_path_width
uint32_t tpl_data_path_width
struct jesd204_rx_config config
uint32_t device_clk_khz
uint32_t lane_clk_khz
enum jesd204_encoder encoder
struct jesd204_dev * jdev

Member Data Documentation

◆ base

uint32_t axi_jesd204_rx::base

Base address

◆ config

struct jesd204_rx_config axi_jesd204_rx::config

Rx coniguration

◆ data_path_width

uint32_t axi_jesd204_rx::data_path_width

Data path width

◆ device_clk_khz

uint32_t axi_jesd204_rx::device_clk_khz

Device Clock in KHz

◆ encoder

enum jesd204_encoder axi_jesd204_rx::encoder

Selected Encoder

◆ jdev

struct jesd204_dev* axi_jesd204_rx::jdev

◆ lane_clk_khz

uint32_t axi_jesd204_rx::lane_clk_khz

Lane Clock in KHz

◆ name

const char* axi_jesd204_rx::name

Device Name

◆ num_lanes

uint32_t axi_jesd204_rx::num_lanes

◆ tpl_data_path_width

uint32_t axi_jesd204_rx::tpl_data_path_width

TPL data path width

◆ version

uint32_t axi_jesd204_rx::version

Version of the Peripheral

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