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edid_struct Struct Reference

#include <edid.h>

Public Attributes

uint8_t header [8]
uint8_t man_id [2]
uint8_t prod_code [2]
uint8_t serial [4]
uint8_t man_week
uint8_t man_year
uint8_t edid_rev [2]
uint8_t vid_inp_def
uint8_t max_h_size_cm
uint8_t max_v_size_cm
uint8_t disp_gamma
uint8_t feat_support
uint8_t color_specs [10]
uint8_t est_timing [3]
uint8_t stnd_timing [16]
uint8_t detailed_timing [72]
uint8_t ext_blk_count
uint8_t checksum

Member Data Documentation

◆ checksum

uint8_t edid_struct::checksum

◆ color_specs

uint8_t edid_struct::color_specs[10]

◆ detailed_timing

uint8_t edid_struct::detailed_timing[72]

◆ disp_gamma

uint8_t edid_struct::disp_gamma

◆ edid_rev

uint8_t edid_struct::edid_rev[2]

◆ est_timing

uint8_t edid_struct::est_timing[3]

◆ ext_blk_count

uint8_t edid_struct::ext_blk_count

◆ feat_support

uint8_t edid_struct::feat_support

◆ header

uint8_t edid_struct::header[8]

◆ man_id

uint8_t edid_struct::man_id[2]

◆ man_week

uint8_t edid_struct::man_week

◆ man_year

uint8_t edid_struct::man_year

◆ max_h_size_cm

uint8_t edid_struct::max_h_size_cm

◆ max_v_size_cm

uint8_t edid_struct::max_v_size_cm

◆ prod_code

uint8_t edid_struct::prod_code[2]

◆ serial

uint8_t edid_struct::serial[4]

◆ stnd_timing

uint8_t edid_struct::stnd_timing[16]

◆ vid_inp_def

uint8_t edid_struct::vid_inp_def

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