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iio_axi_adc_desc Struct Reference

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#include <iio_axi_adc.h>

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Public Attributes

struct axi_adcadc
uint32_t mask
struct axi_dmacdmac
void(* dcache_invalidate_range )(uint32_t address, uint32_t bytes_count)
int(* get_sampling_frequency )(struct axi_adc *dev, uint32_t chan, uint64_t *sampling_freq_hz)
struct iio_device dev_descriptor
char(* ch_names )[20]

Detailed Description


Member Data Documentation

◆ adc

struct axi_adc* iio_axi_adc_desc::adc

ADC device

◆ ch_names

char(* iio_axi_adc_desc::ch_names)[20]

Channel names

◆ dcache_invalidate_range

void(* iio_axi_adc_desc::dcache_invalidate_range) (uint32_t address, uint32_t bytes_count)

Invalidate cache memory function pointer

◆ dev_descriptor

struct iio_device iio_axi_adc_desc::dev_descriptor

iio device descriptor

◆ dmac

struct axi_dmac* iio_axi_adc_desc::dmac

dma device

◆ get_sampling_frequency

int(* iio_axi_adc_desc::get_sampling_frequency) (struct axi_adc *dev, uint32_t chan, uint64_t *sampling_freq_hz)

Custom implementation for get sampling frequency

◆ mask

uint32_t iio_axi_adc_desc::mask

ADC mask

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