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iio_channel Struct Reference

Struct describing the scan type. More...

#include <iio_types.h>

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Public Attributes

const char * name
enum iio_chan_type ch_type
int channel
int channel2
unsigned long address
int scan_index
struct scan_typescan_type
struct iio_attributeattributes
bool ch_out
bool modified
bool indexed
bool diferential

Detailed Description

Struct describing the scan type.

Structure holding attributes of a channel.

Member Data Documentation

◆ address

unsigned long iio_channel::address

Driver specific identifier.

◆ attributes

struct iio_attribute* iio_channel::attributes

Array of attributes. Last one should have its name set to NULL

◆ ch_out

bool iio_channel::ch_out

if true, the channel is an output channel

◆ ch_type

enum iio_chan_type iio_channel::ch_type

Chanel type

◆ channel

int iio_channel::channel

Channel number when the same channel type

◆ channel2

int iio_channel::channel2

If modified is set, this provides the modifier. E.g. IIO_MOD_X for angular rate when applied to channel2 will make make the IIO_ANGL_VEL have anglvel_x which corresponds to the x-axis.

◆ diferential

bool iio_channel::diferential

◆ indexed

bool iio_channel::indexed

Specify if channel has a numerical index. If not set, channel number will be suppressed.

◆ modified

bool iio_channel::modified

Set if channel has a modifier. Use channel2 property to select the modifier to use.

◆ name

const char* iio_channel::name

Channel name

◆ scan_index

int iio_channel::scan_index

Index to give ordering in scans when read from a buffer.

◆ scan_type

struct scan_type* iio_channel::scan_type

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