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irq_action Struct Reference

Struct used to store a (peripheral, callback) pair. More...

#include <aducm3029_irq.h>

Public Attributes

uint32_t irq_id
void * handle
void(* callback )(void *context)
void * ctx
enum no_os_irq_trig_level trig_lv

Detailed Description

Struct used to store a (peripheral, callback) pair.

Member Data Documentation

◆ callback

void(* irq_action::callback)(void *context)

Pointer to callback routine

◆ ctx

void * irq_action::ctx

Pointer to user defined context

◆ handle

void * irq_action::handle

Peripheral handler

◆ irq_id

uint32_t irq_action::irq_id

Interrupt event

◆ trig_lv

enum no_os_irq_trig_level irq_action::trig_lv

Trigger level for interrupts; Currently only in use for XINT interrupts

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