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jesd204_dev_data Struct Reference

JESD204 device initialization data. More...

#include <jesd204.h>

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Public Attributes

jesd204_sysref_cb sysref_cb
size_t sizeof_priv
unsigned int max_num_links
unsigned int num_retries
struct jesd204_state_op state_ops [__JESD204_MAX_OPS]

Detailed Description

JESD204 device initialization data.

sysref_cbSYSREF callback, if this device/driver supports it
sizeof_privamount of data to allocate for private information
max_num_linksmaximum number of JESD204 links this device can support
num_retriesnumber of retries in case of error (only for top-level device)
state_opsops for each state transition of type

Member Data Documentation

◆ max_num_links

unsigned int jesd204_dev_data::max_num_links

◆ num_retries

unsigned int jesd204_dev_data::num_retries

◆ sizeof_priv

size_t jesd204_dev_data::sizeof_priv

◆ state_ops

struct jesd204_state_op jesd204_dev_data::state_ops[__JESD204_MAX_OPS]

◆ sysref_cb

jesd204_sysref_cb jesd204_dev_data::sysref_cb

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