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jesd204_link Struct Reference

JESD204 link configuration settings. More...

#include <jesd204.h>

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Public Attributes

uint32_t link_id
int error
uint64_t sample_rate
uint32_t sample_rate_div
bool is_transmit
uint8_t num_lanes
uint8_t num_converters
uint8_t octets_per_frame
uint16_t frames_per_multiframe
uint8_t num_of_multiblocks_in_emb
uint8_t bits_per_sample
uint8_t converter_resolution
uint8_t jesd_version
uint8_t jesd_encoder
uint8_t subclass
uint8_t device_id
uint8_t bank_id
uint8_t scrambling
uint8_t high_density
uint8_t ctrl_words_per_frame_clk
uint8_t ctrl_bits_per_sample
uint8_t samples_per_conv_frame
uint8_t * lane_ids
struct jesd204_sysref sysref
uint8_t dac_adj_resolution_steps
uint8_t dac_adj_direction
uint8_t dac_phase_adj

Detailed Description

JESD204 link configuration settings.

link_idJESD204 link ID provided via DT configuration
errorerror code for this JESD204 link
is_transmittrue if this link is transmit (digital to analog)
sample_ratesample rate for the link
sample_rate_divoptional sample rate divider for the link final rate = sample_rate / sample_rate_div
num_lanesnumber of JESD204 lanes (L)
num_convertersnumber of converters per link (M)
octets_per_framenumber of octets per frame (F)
frames_per_multiframenumber of frames per frame (K)
num_of_multiblocks_in_embnumber of multiblocks in extended multiblock (E) (JESD204C)
bits_per_samplenumber of bits per sample (N')
converter_resolutionconverter resolution (N)
jesd_versionJESD204 version (A, B or C) (JESDV)
jesd_encoderJESD204C encoder (8B10B, 64B66B, 64B80B)
subclassJESD204 subclass (0,1 or 2) (SUBCLASSV)
device_iddevice ID (DID)
bank_idbank ID (BID)
scramblingtrue if scrambling enabled (SCR)
high_densitytrue if high-density format is used (HD)
ctrl_words_per_frame_clknumber of control words per frame clock period (CF)
ctrl_bits_per_samplenumber of control bits per sample (CS)
samples_per_conv_framenumber of samples per converter per frame cycle (S)
lane_idsarray of lane IDs (LID); note that this is an array the size of num_lanes
sysrefJESD204 sysref config, see jesd204_sysref
dac_adj_resolution_stepsnumber of adjustment resolution steps to adjust DAC LMFC (ADJCNT) - Subclass 2 only
dac_adj_directiondirection to adjust DAC LMFC (ADJDIR) Subclass 2 only
dac_phase_adjtrue to do phase adjustment request to DAC Subclass 2 only

Member Data Documentation

◆ bank_id

uint8_t jesd204_link::bank_id

◆ bits_per_sample

uint8_t jesd204_link::bits_per_sample

◆ converter_resolution

uint8_t jesd204_link::converter_resolution

◆ ctrl_bits_per_sample

uint8_t jesd204_link::ctrl_bits_per_sample

◆ ctrl_words_per_frame_clk

uint8_t jesd204_link::ctrl_words_per_frame_clk

◆ dac_adj_direction

uint8_t jesd204_link::dac_adj_direction

◆ dac_adj_resolution_steps

uint8_t jesd204_link::dac_adj_resolution_steps

◆ dac_phase_adj

uint8_t jesd204_link::dac_phase_adj

◆ device_id

uint8_t jesd204_link::device_id

◆ error

int jesd204_link::error

◆ frames_per_multiframe

uint16_t jesd204_link::frames_per_multiframe

◆ high_density

uint8_t jesd204_link::high_density

◆ is_transmit

bool jesd204_link::is_transmit

◆ jesd_encoder

uint8_t jesd204_link::jesd_encoder

◆ jesd_version

uint8_t jesd204_link::jesd_version

◆ lane_ids

uint8_t* jesd204_link::lane_ids

◆ link_id

uint32_t jesd204_link::link_id

◆ num_converters

uint8_t jesd204_link::num_converters

◆ num_lanes

uint8_t jesd204_link::num_lanes

◆ num_of_multiblocks_in_emb

uint8_t jesd204_link::num_of_multiblocks_in_emb

◆ octets_per_frame

uint8_t jesd204_link::octets_per_frame

◆ sample_rate

uint64_t jesd204_link::sample_rate

◆ sample_rate_div

uint32_t jesd204_link::sample_rate_div

◆ samples_per_conv_frame

uint8_t jesd204_link::samples_per_conv_frame

◆ scrambling

uint8_t jesd204_link::scrambling

◆ subclass

uint8_t jesd204_link::subclass

◆ sysref

struct jesd204_sysref jesd204_link::sysref

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