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jesd204_state_op Struct Reference

JESD204 device per-state op. More...

#include <jesd204.h>

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Public Attributes

enum jesd204_state_op_mode mode
jesd204_dev_cb per_device
jesd204_link_cb per_link
bool post_state_sysref

Detailed Description

JESD204 device per-state op.

modemode for this state op, depending on this per_device or per_link is called
per_deviceop called for each JESD204 device during a transition
per_linkop called for each JESD204 link individually during a transition // FIXME: maybe pass 'struct jesd204_sysref' for post_state_sysref, to make this configurable? we'll see later // FIXME: for now, the device should also be a top-level device, in case of multi-chip setups
post_state_sysreftrue if a SYSREF should be issued after the state change

Member Data Documentation

◆ mode

enum jesd204_state_op_mode jesd204_state_op::mode

◆ per_device

jesd204_dev_cb jesd204_state_op::per_device

◆ per_link

jesd204_link_cb jesd204_state_op::per_link

◆ post_state_sysref

bool jesd204_state_op::post_state_sysref

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