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jesd204_sysref Struct Reference

JESD204 parameters for SYSREF. More...

#include <jesd204.h>

Public Attributes

enum jesd204_sysref_mode mode
uint8_t capture_falling_edge
uint8_t valid_falling_edge
uint16_t lmfc_offset

Detailed Description

JESD204 parameters for SYSREF.

modeSYSREF mode (see jesd204_sysref_mode)
capture_falling_edgetrue if it should capture falling edge
valid_falling_edgetrue if falling edge should be valid
lmfc_offsetoffset for LMFC

Member Data Documentation

◆ capture_falling_edge

uint8_t jesd204_sysref::capture_falling_edge

◆ lmfc_offset

uint16_t jesd204_sysref::lmfc_offset

◆ mode

enum jesd204_sysref_mode jesd204_sysref::mode

◆ valid_falling_edge

uint8_t jesd204_sysref::valid_falling_edge

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