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jesd204_tx_init Struct Reference

JESD204B/C Transmit Peripheral Initialization Structure. More...

#include <axi_jesd204_tx.h>

Public Attributes

const char * name
uint32_t base
uint8_t octets_per_frame
uint16_t frames_per_multiframe
uint8_t converters_per_device
uint8_t converter_resolution
uint8_t bits_per_sample
bool high_density
uint8_t control_bits_per_sample
uint8_t subclass
uint32_t device_clk_khz
uint32_t lane_clk_khz

Detailed Description

JESD204B/C Transmit Peripheral Initialization Structure.

Member Data Documentation

◆ base

uint32_t jesd204_tx_init::base

Base address

◆ bits_per_sample

uint8_t jesd204_tx_init::bits_per_sample

Number of bits per sample (N')

◆ control_bits_per_sample

uint8_t jesd204_tx_init::control_bits_per_sample

Number of control bits per conversion sample (CS)

◆ converter_resolution

uint8_t jesd204_tx_init::converter_resolution

Converter resolution (N)

◆ converters_per_device

uint8_t jesd204_tx_init::converters_per_device

Number of converter per device (M)

◆ device_clk_khz

uint32_t jesd204_tx_init::device_clk_khz

Device Clock in KHz for the JESD204 interface

◆ frames_per_multiframe

uint16_t jesd204_tx_init::frames_per_multiframe

Number of frames per multi-frame (K)

◆ high_density

bool jesd204_tx_init::high_density

If specified the JESD204B link is configured for high density (HD) operation.

◆ lane_clk_khz

uint32_t jesd204_tx_init::lane_clk_khz

Lane Clock in KHz

◆ name

const char* jesd204_tx_init::name

Device Name

◆ octets_per_frame

uint8_t jesd204_tx_init::octets_per_frame

Number of octets per frame (F)

◆ subclass

uint8_t jesd204_tx_init::subclass

The JESD204B subclass

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