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jesd_param_t Struct Reference

#include <api_def.h>

Public Attributes

uint8_t jesd_L
uint8_t jesd_F
uint8_t jesd_M
uint8_t jesd_S
uint8_t jesd_HD
uint8_t jesd_K
uint8_t jesd_N
uint8_t jesd_NP
uint8_t jesd_CF
uint8_t jesd_CS
uint8_t jesd_DID
uint8_t jesd_BID
uint8_t jesd_LID0
uint8_t jesd_JESDV

Detailed Description

JESD Interface Parameters.

Member Data Documentation

◆ jesd_BID

uint8_t jesd_param_t::jesd_BID

JESD Bank ID. Param BID

◆ jesd_CF

uint8_t jesd_param_t::jesd_CF

JESD Param CF.

◆ jesd_CS

uint8_t jesd_param_t::jesd_CS

JESD Param CS.

◆ jesd_DID

uint8_t jesd_param_t::jesd_DID

JESD Device ID Param DID.

◆ jesd_F

uint8_t jesd_param_t::jesd_F

JESD Octet Param F.

◆ jesd_HD

uint8_t jesd_param_t::jesd_HD

◆ jesd_JESDV

uint8_t jesd_param_t::jesd_JESDV

JESD Version

◆ jesd_K

uint8_t jesd_param_t::jesd_K

JESD High Density Param HD. JESD multiframe Param K.

◆ jesd_L

uint8_t jesd_param_t::jesd_L

JESD Lane Param L.

◆ jesd_LID0

uint8_t jesd_param_t::jesd_LID0

JESD Lane ID for Lane 0 Param LIDO

◆ jesd_M

uint8_t jesd_param_t::jesd_M

JESD Converter Param M.

◆ jesd_N

uint8_t jesd_param_t::jesd_N

JESD Converter Resolution Param N.

◆ jesd_NP

uint8_t jesd_param_t::jesd_NP

JESD Bit Packing Sample NP.

◆ jesd_S

uint8_t jesd_param_t::jesd_S

JESD No of Sample Param S.

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