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max11205_dev Struct Reference

#include <max11205.h>

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Public Attributes

struct no_os_spi_descspi_desc
struct no_os_gpio_descgpio_rdy
struct no_os_irq_ctrl_descirq_ctrl
struct no_os_callback_desc irq_cb
uint32_t vref_mv
int16_t adc_data_raw
bool data_updated

Member Data Documentation

◆ adc_data_raw

int16_t max11205_dev::adc_data_raw

ADC raw data, updated at each interrupt

◆ data_updated

bool max11205_dev::data_updated

True if data was updated since last read

◆ gpio_rdy

struct no_os_gpio_desc* max11205_dev::gpio_rdy

GPIO RDY descriptor used to signal when ADC data is available

◆ irq_cb

struct no_os_callback_desc max11205_dev::irq_cb

IRQ callback used to handle interrupt routine for GPIO RDY

◆ irq_ctrl

struct no_os_irq_ctrl_desc* max11205_dev::irq_ctrl

IRQ device descriptor used to handle interrupt routine for GPIO RDY

◆ spi_desc

struct no_os_spi_desc* max11205_dev::spi_desc

SPI device descriptor

◆ vref_mv

uint32_t max11205_dev::vref_mv

Reference voltage in millivolts

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