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mykonosClgcStatus_t Struct Reference

Data structure used to read back CLGC calibration status. More...

#include <t_mykonos.h>

Public Attributes

uint32_t errorStatus
uint32_t trackCount
int32_t desiredGain
int32_t currentGain
uint32_t txGain
int32_t txRms
int32_t orxRms

Detailed Description

Data structure used to read back CLGC calibration status.

Member Data Documentation

◆ currentGain

int32_t mykonosClgcStatus_t::currentGain

Current measured gain in 0.01 dB resolution.

◆ desiredGain

int32_t mykonosClgcStatus_t::desiredGain

Desired gain/attenuation from Tx output to ORx input of Mykonos device. 0.01 dB resolution

◆ errorStatus

uint32_t mykonosClgcStatus_t::errorStatus
clgcErrorStatus(decimal) Description
1 TX Disabled
2 ORx is disabled
3 Loopback switch is clo
4 Data measurement aborted during capture
5 No initial calibration was done
6 Path delay not setup
7 No apply control is possible
8 Control value is out of range
9 CLGC feature is disabled
10 TX attenuation is capped
11 Gain measurement
12 No GPIO configured in single ORx configuration
13 Tx is not observable with any of the ORx Channels
14 ORX_TRACKING_DISABLED ORx tracking must be enabled
15 PA Protection Activated
16 Relative Threshold Violated
18 Tx power too low
19 ORx power too low

◆ orxRms

int32_t mykonosClgcStatus_t::orxRms

ORx digital sample power measured at ORx port (0.01 dB resolution)

◆ trackCount

uint32_t mykonosClgcStatus_t::trackCount

Number of times CLGC tracking has run since last reset

◆ txGain

uint32_t mykonosClgcStatus_t::txGain

Current TxAttenuation setting, same as MYKONOS_getTx1/2Attenuation(), in 0.05dB resolution

◆ txRms

int32_t mykonosClgcStatus_t::txRms

Tx digital sample power measured at DPD block input (0.01 dB resolution)

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