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mykonosDpdActuatorCheck_t Struct Reference

Structure to configure the DPD actuator gain check. More...

#include <t_mykonos.h>

Public Attributes

uint8_t actuatorGainCheckEn
mykonosDpdResetMode_t actuatorGainCheckMode
uint16_t actuatorGainCheckLevel

Detailed Description

Structure to configure the DPD actuator gain check.

Member Data Documentation

◆ actuatorGainCheckEn

uint8_t mykonosDpdActuatorCheck_t::actuatorGainCheckEn

Enable Gain check for DPD actuator

◆ actuatorGainCheckLevel

uint16_t mykonosDpdActuatorCheck_t::actuatorGainCheckLevel

If the gain difference before and after the actuator exceeds this value an error will be issued and the actuator will reset depending on the actuatorGainCheckMode, in 0.01dB, where a value of 200 => 2dB

◆ actuatorGainCheckMode

mykonosDpdResetMode_t mykonosDpdActuatorCheck_t::actuatorGainCheckMode

Follows reset DPD enum

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