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mykonosGpioLowVoltage_t Struct Reference

Data structure to hold low voltage GPIO settings. More...

#include <t_mykonos.h>

Public Attributes

uint32_t gpioOe
mykonosGpioMode_t gpioSrcCtrl3_0
mykonosGpioMode_t gpioSrcCtrl7_4
mykonosGpioMode_t gpioSrcCtrl11_8
mykonosGpioMode_t gpioSrcCtrl15_12
mykonosGpioMode_t gpioSrcCtrl18_16

Detailed Description

Data structure to hold low voltage GPIO settings.

Member Data Documentation

◆ gpioOe

uint32_t mykonosGpioLowVoltage_t::gpioOe

Output Enable per low voltage GPIO pin (1=output, 0=input)

◆ gpioSrcCtrl11_8

mykonosGpioMode_t mykonosGpioLowVoltage_t::gpioSrcCtrl11_8

Mode for low voltage GPIO[11:8] pins

◆ gpioSrcCtrl15_12

mykonosGpioMode_t mykonosGpioLowVoltage_t::gpioSrcCtrl15_12

Mode for low voltage GPIO[15:12] pins

◆ gpioSrcCtrl18_16

mykonosGpioMode_t mykonosGpioLowVoltage_t::gpioSrcCtrl18_16

Mode for low voltage GPIO[18:16] pins

◆ gpioSrcCtrl3_0

mykonosGpioMode_t mykonosGpioLowVoltage_t::gpioSrcCtrl3_0

Mode for low voltage GPIO[3:0] pins

◆ gpioSrcCtrl7_4

mykonosGpioMode_t mykonosGpioLowVoltage_t::gpioSrcCtrl7_4

Mode for low voltage GPIO[7:4] pins

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