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mykonosJesd204bFramerConfig_t Struct Reference

Data structure to hold Mykonos JESD204b Framer configuration settings. More...

#include <t_mykonos.h>

Public Attributes

uint8_t bankId
uint8_t deviceId
uint8_t lane0Id
uint8_t M
uint8_t K
uint8_t scramble
uint8_t externalSysref
uint8_t serializerLanesEnabled
uint8_t serializerLaneCrossbar
uint8_t serializerAmplitude
uint8_t preEmphasis
uint8_t invertLanePolarity
uint8_t lmfcOffset
uint8_t newSysrefOnRelink
uint8_t enableAutoChanXbar
uint8_t obsRxSyncbSelect
uint8_t rxSyncbMode
uint8_t overSample
uint8_t enableManualLaneXbar

Detailed Description

Data structure to hold Mykonos JESD204b Framer configuration settings.

Member Data Documentation

◆ bankId

uint8_t mykonosJesd204bFramerConfig_t::bankId

JESD204B Configuration Bank ID extension to Device ID. Range is 0..15

◆ deviceId

uint8_t mykonosJesd204bFramerConfig_t::deviceId

JESD204B Configuration Device ID link identification number. Range is 0..255

◆ enableAutoChanXbar

uint8_t mykonosJesd204bFramerConfig_t::enableAutoChanXbar

Flag for determining if auto channel select for the xbar should be set. Where, if > 0 = set, '0' = not set

◆ enableManualLaneXbar

uint8_t mykonosJesd204bFramerConfig_t::enableManualLaneXbar

Flag for determining if API will calculate the appropriate settings for framer lane outputs to physical lanes. Where, if '0' = API will set automatic lane crossbar, '1' = set to manual mode and the value in serializerLaneCrossbar will be used

◆ externalSysref

uint8_t mykonosJesd204bFramerConfig_t::externalSysref

External SYSREF select. 0 = use internal SYSREF, 1 = use external SYSREF

◆ invertLanePolarity

uint8_t mykonosJesd204bFramerConfig_t::invertLanePolarity

Lane inversion select. Default = 0. Where, bit[0] = 0 will invert lane [0], bit[1] = 0 will invert lane 1, etc.

◆ K

uint8_t mykonosJesd204bFramerConfig_t::K

Number of frames in a multiframe. Default = 32, F*K must be modulo 4. Where, F=2*M/numberOfLanes

◆ lane0Id

uint8_t mykonosJesd204bFramerConfig_t::lane0Id

JESD204B Configuration starting Lane ID. If more than one lane is used, each lane will increment from the Lane0 ID. Range is 0..31

◆ lmfcOffset

uint8_t mykonosJesd204bFramerConfig_t::lmfcOffset

LMFC offset value for deterministic latency setting. Range is 0..31

◆ M

uint8_t mykonosJesd204bFramerConfig_t::M

Number of ADCs (0, 2, or 4) where 2 ADCs are required per receive chain (I and Q)

◆ newSysrefOnRelink

uint8_t mykonosJesd204bFramerConfig_t::newSysrefOnRelink

Flag for determining if SYSREF on relink should be set. Where, if > 0 = set, 0 = not set

◆ obsRxSyncbSelect

uint8_t mykonosJesd204bFramerConfig_t::obsRxSyncbSelect

Selects SYNCb input source. Where, 0 = use RXSYNCB for this framer, 1 = use OBSRX_SYNCB for this framer

◆ overSample

uint8_t mykonosJesd204bFramerConfig_t::overSample

Selects framer bit repeat or oversampling mode for lane rate matching. Where, 0 = bitRepeat mode (changes effective lanerate), 1 = overSample (maintains same lane rate between ObsRx framer and Rx framer and oversamples the ADC samples)

◆ preEmphasis

uint8_t mykonosJesd204bFramerConfig_t::preEmphasis

Serializer pre-emphasis setting. Default = 4 Range is 0..7

◆ rxSyncbMode

uint8_t mykonosJesd204bFramerConfig_t::rxSyncbMode

Flag for determining if CMOS mode for RX Sync signal is used. Where, if > 0 = CMOS, '0' = LVDS

◆ scramble

uint8_t mykonosJesd204bFramerConfig_t::scramble

Scrambling off if framerScramble = 0, if framerScramble > 0 scrambling is enabled

◆ serializerAmplitude

uint8_t mykonosJesd204bFramerConfig_t::serializerAmplitude

Serializer amplitude setting. Default = 22. Range is 0..31

◆ serializerLaneCrossbar

uint8_t mykonosJesd204bFramerConfig_t::serializerLaneCrossbar

Lane crossbar to map framer lane outputs to physical lanes

◆ serializerLanesEnabled

uint8_t mykonosJesd204bFramerConfig_t::serializerLanesEnabled

Serializer lane select bit field. Where, [0] = Lane0 enabled, [1] = Lane1 enabled, etc

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