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mykonosObsRxSettings_t Struct Reference

Data structure to hold ORx data path settings. More...

#include <t_mykonos.h>

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Public Attributes

mykonosObsRxChannelsEn_t obsRxChannelsEnable
mykonosObsRxLoSource_t obsRxLoSource
uint64_t snifferPllLoFrequency_Hz
uint8_t realIfData
uint16_t * customLoopbackAdcProfile
mykonosObsRxChannels_t defaultObsRxChannel

Detailed Description

Data structure to hold ORx data path settings.

Member Data Documentation

◆ customLoopbackAdcProfile

uint16_t* mykonosObsRxSettings_t::customLoopbackAdcProfile

Custom Loopback ADC profile to set the bandwidth of the ADC response

◆ defaultObsRxChannel

mykonosObsRxChannels_t mykonosObsRxSettings_t::defaultObsRxChannel

Default ObsRx channel to enter when radioOn called

◆ framer

mykonosJesd204bFramerConfig_t* mykonosObsRxSettings_t::framer

ObsRx JESD204b framer configuration structure

◆ obsRxChannelsEnable

mykonosObsRxChannelsEn_t mykonosObsRxSettings_t::obsRxChannelsEnable

The desired ObsRx channels to configure/calibrate during initialization

◆ obsRxLoSource

mykonosObsRxLoSource_t mykonosObsRxSettings_t::obsRxLoSource

The sniffer/ORx mixers can use the TX_PLL or SNIFFER_PLL

◆ orxAgcCtrl

mykonosAgcCfg_t* mykonosObsRxSettings_t::orxAgcCtrl

ORx AGC control settings structure

◆ orxGainCtrl

mykonosORxGainControl_t* mykonosObsRxSettings_t::orxGainCtrl

ObsRx gain control settings structure

◆ orxProfile

mykonosRxProfile_t* mykonosObsRxSettings_t::orxProfile

ORx datapath profile, 3dB corner frequencies, and digital filter enables.

◆ realIfData

uint8_t mykonosObsRxSettings_t::realIfData

Flag to choose if complex baseband or real IF data are selected for Rx and ObsRx paths. Where if > 0 = real IF data, '0' = complex data

◆ snifferGainCtrl

mykonosSnifferGainControl_t* mykonosObsRxSettings_t::snifferGainCtrl

SnRx gain control settings structure

◆ snifferPllLoFrequency_Hz

uint64_t mykonosObsRxSettings_t::snifferPllLoFrequency_Hz

SnRx PLL LO frequency in Hz

◆ snifferProfile

mykonosRxProfile_t* mykonosObsRxSettings_t::snifferProfile

Sniffer datapath profile, 3dB corner frequencies, and digital filter enables.

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