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mykonosRxProfile_t Struct Reference

Data structure to hold settings for the current Rx specific use case profile. More...

#include <t_mykonos.h>

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Public Attributes

uint8_t adcDiv
uint8_t rxFirDecimation
uint8_t rxDec5Decimation
uint8_t enHighRejDec5
uint8_t rhb1Decimation
uint32_t iqRate_kHz
uint32_t rfBandwidth_Hz
uint32_t rxBbf3dBCorner_kHz
uint16_t * customAdcProfile

Detailed Description

Data structure to hold settings for the current Rx specific use case profile.

Member Data Documentation

◆ adcDiv

uint8_t mykonosRxProfile_t::adcDiv

The divider used to generate the ADC clock (Valid: 1,2)

◆ customAdcProfile

uint16_t* mykonosRxProfile_t::customAdcProfile

Custom ADC profile to set the bandwidth of the ADC response

◆ enHighRejDec5

uint8_t mykonosRxProfile_t::enHighRejDec5

If set, and DEC5 filter used, will use a higher rejection DEC5 FIR filter. Where, 1 = enabled, 0 = disabled

◆ iqRate_kHz

uint32_t mykonosRxProfile_t::iqRate_kHz

Rx IQ data rate in kHz

◆ rfBandwidth_Hz

uint32_t mykonosRxProfile_t::rfBandwidth_Hz

Rx RF passband bandwidth for the profile

◆ rhb1Decimation

uint8_t mykonosRxProfile_t::rhb1Decimation

RX Halfband1 (HB1) decimation. Can be either 1 or 2

◆ rxBbf3dBCorner_kHz

uint32_t mykonosRxProfile_t::rxBbf3dBCorner_kHz

Rx BBF (TIA) 3dB corner in kHz

◆ rxDec5Decimation

uint8_t mykonosRxProfile_t::rxDec5Decimation

Decimation of Dec5 or Dec4 filter (5,4)

◆ rxFir

mykonosFir_t* mykonosRxProfile_t::rxFir

Pointer to Rx FIR filter structure

◆ rxFirDecimation

uint8_t mykonosRxProfile_t::rxFirDecimation

Rx FIR decimation (1,2,4)

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