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mykonosTxProfile_t Struct Reference

Data structure to hold settings for the current Tx specific use case profile. More...

#include <t_mykonos.h>

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Public Attributes

mykonosDacDiv_t dacDiv
uint8_t txFirInterpolation
uint8_t thb1Interpolation
uint8_t thb2Interpolation
uint8_t txInputHbInterpolation
uint32_t iqRate_kHz
uint32_t primarySigBandwidth_Hz
uint32_t rfBandwidth_Hz
uint32_t txDac3dBCorner_kHz
uint32_t txBbf3dBCorner_kHz
uint8_t enableDpdDataPath

Detailed Description

Data structure to hold settings for the current Tx specific use case profile.

Member Data Documentation

◆ dacDiv

mykonosDacDiv_t mykonosTxProfile_t::dacDiv

The divider used to generate the DAC clock (ENUM Values)

◆ enableDpdDataPath

uint8_t mykonosTxProfile_t::enableDpdDataPath

Enable Tx Dynamic pre distortion - only valid for a DPD-enabled transceiver

◆ iqRate_kHz

uint32_t mykonosTxProfile_t::iqRate_kHz

Tx IQ data rate in kHz

◆ primarySigBandwidth_Hz

uint32_t mykonosTxProfile_t::primarySigBandwidth_Hz

Tx primary signal BW

◆ rfBandwidth_Hz

uint32_t mykonosTxProfile_t::rfBandwidth_Hz

Tx RF passband bandwidth for the profile

◆ thb1Interpolation

uint8_t mykonosTxProfile_t::thb1Interpolation

Tx Halfband1 (HB1) filter interpolation (1,2)

◆ thb2Interpolation

uint8_t mykonosTxProfile_t::thb2Interpolation

Tx Halfband2 (HB2) filter interpolation (1,2)

◆ txBbf3dBCorner_kHz

uint32_t mykonosTxProfile_t::txBbf3dBCorner_kHz

Tx BBF 3dB corner in kHz

◆ txDac3dBCorner_kHz

uint32_t mykonosTxProfile_t::txDac3dBCorner_kHz

DAC filter 3dB corner in kHz

◆ txFir

mykonosFir_t* mykonosTxProfile_t::txFir

Pointer to Tx FIR filter structure

◆ txFirInterpolation

uint8_t mykonosTxProfile_t::txFirInterpolation

The TX digital FIR filter interpolation (1,2,4)

◆ txInputHbInterpolation

uint8_t mykonosTxProfile_t::txInputHbInterpolation

Interpolation of half band filter before the programmable FIR (valid 1,2,4)

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