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no_os_aducm_uart_desc Struct Reference

Stores specific parameter needed by the UART driver for internal operations. More...

#include <aducm3029_uart.h>

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Public Attributes

ADI_UART_HANDLE uart_handler
enum UART_ERROR errors
bool callback_enabled
uint8_t * adi_uart_buffer
uint32_t adi_uart_buffer_offset
struct no_os_op_desc write_desc
struct no_os_op_desc read_desc
struct no_os_irq_ctrl_descnvic
struct no_os_callback_desc rx_callback

Detailed Description

Stores specific parameter needed by the UART driver for internal operations.

Member Data Documentation

◆ adi_uart_buffer

uint8_t* no_os_aducm_uart_desc::adi_uart_buffer

Buffer needed by the ADI UART driver to operate. This buffer allocated and aligned at runtime to 32 bits

◆ adi_uart_buffer_offset

uint32_t no_os_aducm_uart_desc::adi_uart_buffer_offset

Stores the offset used to align adi_uart_buffer. Needed to deallocate adi_uart_buffer

◆ callback_enabled

bool no_os_aducm_uart_desc::callback_enabled

Set if callback is enabled

◆ errors

enum UART_ERROR no_os_aducm_uart_desc::errors

Stores the error occurred

◆ nvic

struct no_os_irq_ctrl_desc* no_os_aducm_uart_desc::nvic

Interrupt controller descriptor

◆ read_desc

struct no_os_op_desc no_os_aducm_uart_desc::read_desc

Status of a read operation

◆ rx_callback

struct no_os_callback_desc no_os_aducm_uart_desc::rx_callback

RX complete callback

◆ uart_handler

ADI_UART_HANDLE no_os_aducm_uart_desc::uart_handler

Handle needed by low level functions

◆ write_desc

struct no_os_op_desc no_os_aducm_uart_desc::write_desc

Status of a write operation

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