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no_os_spi_msg Struct Reference

#include <no_os_spi.h>

Public Attributes

uint8_t * tx_buff
uint8_t * rx_buff
uint32_t bytes_number
uint8_t cs_change
uint32_t cs_change_delay
uint32_t cs_delay_first
uint32_t cs_delay_last

Member Data Documentation

◆ bytes_number

uint32_t no_os_spi_msg::bytes_number

Length of buffers. Must have equal size.

◆ cs_change

uint8_t no_os_spi_msg::cs_change

If set, CS will be deasserted after the transfer

◆ cs_change_delay

uint32_t no_os_spi_msg::cs_change_delay

Minimum delay (in us) between the CS de-assert event of the current message and the assert of the next one.

◆ cs_delay_first

uint32_t no_os_spi_msg::cs_delay_first

Delay (in us) between the CS assert and the first SCLK edge.

◆ cs_delay_last

uint32_t no_os_spi_msg::cs_delay_last

Delay (in us) between the last SCLK edge and the CS deassert

◆ rx_buff

uint8_t* no_os_spi_msg::rx_buff

Buffer where to store data. If NULL, incoming data won't be saved

◆ tx_buff

uint8_t* no_os_spi_msg::tx_buff

Buffer with data to send. If NULL, 0x00 will be sent

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