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no_os_tdm_init_param Struct Reference

Structure holding the parameters for TDM initialization. More...

#include <no_os_tdm.h>

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Public Attributes

enum no_os_tdm_mode mode
uint8_t data_size
uint8_t data_offset
bool data_lsb_first
uint8_t slots_per_frame
bool fs_active_low
uint8_t fs_active_length
bool fs_lastbit
bool rising_edge_sampling
const struct no_os_tdm_platform_opsplatform_ops
void * extra

Detailed Description

Structure holding the parameters for TDM initialization.

Member Data Documentation

◆ data_lsb_first

bool no_os_tdm_init_param::data_lsb_first

Data ordering (default: msb first)

◆ data_offset

uint8_t no_os_tdm_init_param::data_offset

Data offset in a slot, specified in number of bits as offset from MSbit

◆ data_size

uint8_t no_os_tdm_init_param::data_size

Useful data size in a slot, specified in number of bits

◆ extra

void* no_os_tdm_init_param::extra

TDM extra parameters (platform specific)

◆ fs_active_length

uint8_t no_os_tdm_init_param::fs_active_length

Frame sync active length specified in number of bits

◆ fs_active_low

bool no_os_tdm_init_param::fs_active_low

Frame sync polarity specifier (default: FS active high)

◆ fs_lastbit

bool no_os_tdm_init_param::fs_lastbit

Frame sync is normally asserted on first bit of slot 0 of a frame, this specifier allows assertion on last bit of the previous frame

◆ mode

enum no_os_tdm_mode no_os_tdm_init_param::mode

TDM operating mode: master/slave, tx/rx

◆ platform_ops

const struct no_os_tdm_platform_ops* no_os_tdm_init_param::platform_ops

Platform operation function pointers

◆ rising_edge_sampling

bool no_os_tdm_init_param::rising_edge_sampling

Specify whether data sampling occurs on SCK rising edge (default: on SCK falling edge)

◆ slots_per_frame

uint8_t no_os_tdm_init_param::slots_per_frame

Number of slots in a frame

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