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scan_type Struct Reference

#include <iio_types.h>

Public Attributes

char sign
uint8_t realbits
uint8_t storagebits
uint8_t shift
bool is_big_endian

Member Data Documentation

◆ is_big_endian

bool scan_type::is_big_endian

True if big endian, false if little endian

◆ realbits

uint8_t scan_type::realbits

Number of valid bits of data

◆ shift

uint8_t scan_type::shift

Shift right by this before masking out realbits.

◆ sign

char scan_type::sign

's' or 'u' to specify signed or unsigned

◆ storagebits

uint8_t scan_type::storagebits

Realbits + padding

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