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uart_desc Struct Reference

Stucture holding the UART descriptor. More...

#include <uart.h>

Public Attributes

uint8_t device_id
uint32_t baud_rate
void(* callback )(void *callback_ctx, uint32_t event, void *extra)
void * callback_ctx
void * extra

Detailed Description

Stucture holding the UART descriptor.

Member Data Documentation

◆ baud_rate

uint32_t uart_desc::baud_rate

UART Baud Rate

◆ callback

void(* uart_desc::callback) (void *callback_ctx, uint32_t event, void *extra)

Callback to be called when an operation is done (optional)

◆ callback_ctx

void* uart_desc::callback_ctx

Parameter to be passed to the callback as app_param

◆ device_id

uint8_t uart_desc::device_id

UART Device ID

◆ extra

void* uart_desc::extra

UART extra parameters (device specific)

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