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Talise configuration external declarations. More...

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taliseDevice_t talDevice
taliseInit_t talInit

Detailed Description

Talise configuration external declarations.

Contains structure definitions for tal_config.c

Copyright 2015-2017 Analog Devices Inc. Released under the AD9378-AD9379 API license, for more information see the "LICENSE.txt" file in this zip file.

The top level structure taliseDevice_t talDevice uses keyword extern to allow the application layer main() to have visibility to these settings.

Variable Documentation

◆ talDevice

taliseDevice_t talDevice

< Insert Customer Platform HAL State Container here> TalDevice a structure used by the Talise API to hold the platform hardware structure information, as well as an internal Talise API state container (devStateInfo) of runtime information used by the API.

◆ talInit

taliseInit_t talInit