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irq_config Union Reference

Configuration for the callback. More...

#include <irq_extra.h>

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Public Attributes

struct uart_descuart_conf
enum irq_mode xint_conf
struct rtc_irq_configrtc_conf
struct gpio_irq_configgpio_conf

Detailed Description

Configuration for the callback.

Member Data Documentation

◆ gpio_conf

struct gpio_irq_config* irq_config::gpio_conf

GPIO interrupt config

◆ rtc_conf

struct rtc_irq_config* irq_config::rtc_conf

RTC interrupt config

◆ uart_conf

struct uart_desc* irq_config::uart_conf

UART descriptor

◆ xint_conf

enum irq_mode irq_config::xint_conf

Trigger condition for the external interrupt

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