libad9361  0.2
Device specific library for AD936X transceivers
Data Fields
filter_design_parameters Struct Reference

Custom Filter Design Parameters. More...

#include <ad9361.h>

Data Fields

double Rdata
double Fpass
double Fstop
double caldiv
double FIR
double HB1
double DAC_div
const char * Type
const char * RxTx
double RFbw
double converter_rate
double PLL_rate
double Fcenter
double wnom
double FIRdBmin
double int_FIR
double PLL_mult
double Apass
double Astop
double phEQ
double HB2
double HB3
double maxTaps

Detailed Description

Custom Filter Design Parameters.

A structure for custom filter designs for the AD936X programmable FIR in both TX and RX paths.

Field Documentation

double filter_design_parameters::Apass

Desired passband ripple in dB

double filter_design_parameters::Astop

Desired stopband attenuation in dB

double filter_design_parameters::caldiv

Baseband analog filter calibration divider setting [1-511]

double filter_design_parameters::converter_rate

Rate of ADC in hertz

double filter_design_parameters::DAC_div

Divider enable setting of DAC clock [0,1]

double filter_design_parameters::Fcenter

Center frequency in hertz of bandpass (Unused)

double filter_design_parameters::FIR

Decimation/Interpolation setting of FIR [1,2,4]

double filter_design_parameters::FIRdBmin

Minimum stop band attentuation of the FIR in dB

double filter_design_parameters::Fpass

Stop edge frequency in hertz of passband

double filter_design_parameters::Fstop

Start edge frequency in hertz of stopband

double filter_design_parameters::HB1

Decimation/Interpolation setting of HB1 [1,2]

double filter_design_parameters::HB2

Decimation/Interpolation setting of HB2 [1,2]

double filter_design_parameters::HB3

Decimation/Interpolation setting of HB3 [1,2,3]

double filter_design_parameters::int_FIR

Enable use of internal FIR filter [0,1]

double filter_design_parameters::maxTaps

Maximum allowed FIR taps

double filter_design_parameters::phEQ

Enable phase equalization [0,1]

double filter_design_parameters::PLL_mult

Ratio of converter to PLL rate

double filter_design_parameters::PLL_rate

Rate of PLL in hertz

double filter_design_parameters::Rdata

Data rate of digital interface

double filter_design_parameters::RFbw

3dB corner of analog filter in hertz

const char* filter_design_parameters::RxTx

Filter path [Tx,Rx]

const char* filter_design_parameters::Type

Designer mode (only Lowpass supported)

double filter_design_parameters::wnom

RF bandwidth of analog filter in hertz

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