Contributing to no-OS

Fork and pull request workflow

When you don’t have write permissions to the no-OS repository, the fork and pull request workflow can be used.

More details: GitHub Quickstart: Contributing to projects.

Once a pull request is opened, select the analogdevicesinc/noos team as a reviewer. The changes should be approved by at least one no-OS maintainer before they can be merged to the base brach.

Submission Checklist

Before being reviewed by the no-OS maintainers and then accepted to the GitHub repository, each commit should respect a few rules:

  • The commit contains a Signed-off-by trailer by the committer at the end of the commit log message - it certifies that the committer has the rights to submit the work under the project’s license.

  • If built using gcc, options such as -Wall and -Wextra don’t detect any issues with the commit. When the pull request is created, drivers and project build are automatically triggered.

  • astyle –style=linux –indent=force-tab=8 –max-code-length=80 doesn’t detect any issue with the commit.

  • A detailed description of how the new changes were tested is provided. This information can be written in the pull request description. If the driver was tested on one of the supported no-OS platforms, it is recommended to also add a project example which uses the newly added driver.