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 CDMMControls the digital multimeter
 CDMM_READINGThe structure of a DMM
 CM2kAnalogInControls the analogical input compound
 CM2kAnalogOutControls the analogical output compound
 CM2kPowerSupplyControls the power supply
 CContextControls the IIO context
 CM2kControls the ADALM2000
 CM2kDigitalControls the digital input and output segment
 CCALIBRATION_PARAMETERSCalibration parameters of m2k
 CCONTEXT_INFOAdditional information about the context
 CIIO_CONTEXT_VERSIONThe version of the backend
 CM2kHardwareTriggerControls the hardware trigger for ADALM2000
 CSETTINGSTriggering system