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The toolbox has different dependencies based on the features required. These are broken down into the base dependencies for running models, data stream and control, and HDL code generation.

Simulation Models

The simulation models for the different components can be used in either MATLAB or Simulink through the MATLAB System block. To run the available models requires the following toolboxes from MathWorks:

Data Streaming with Hardware

The base dependencies for the toolbox requires libiio and the libiio MATLAB bindings. There are three options for this install with different required MathWorks Toolboxes:

HDL Generation Support

To leverage HDL-Coder and the reference designs with the toolbox requires the following components:

High Speed Converter Toolbox Install

The High Speed Converter Toolbox itself can be installed either from:

MATLAB Versions

Before installing High Speed Converter Toolbox check the Release Page to check for the lasted supported of MATLAB. The latest version is the one which is available in Add-on Explorer, since Add-On Explorer does not currently support hosting multiple versions. If you have an older release of MATLAB, download the MLTBX installer from matching release on the Release Page.

Add-On Explorer Walkthrough

To install the toolbox from within MATLAB using the Add-On Explorer, first launch the Explorer from MATLAB's Home tab:

Search for the toolbox:

Select High Speed Converter Toolbox from results:

Select add: