The adi.AD9083.Rx System object is a signal source that can receive
data from the AD9083.

rx = adi.AD9083.Rx;
rx = adi.AD9083.Rx('uri','ip:');

AD9083 Datasheet


The class can be instantiated in the following way with and without property name value pairs.

dev = adi.AD9083.Rx
dev = adi.AD9083.Rx(Name, Value)
Unless otherwise indicated, properties are non-tunable, which means you cannot change their values after calling the object. Objects lock when you call them, and the release function unlocks them.

If a property is tunable, you can change its value at any time.

For more information on changing property values, see System Design in MATLAB Using System Objects.
Example Usage
%% Rx set up
rx = adi.AD9083.Rx('uri','ip:analog.local');
rx.SamplesPerFrame = 2^14;
rx.EnabledChannels = 1;

%% Run
for k=1:10
    valid = false;
    while ~valid
        [out, valid] = rx();

%% Cleanup