To simplify hardware configuration through different IIO drivers, basic class properties are exposed at the top-level of each device specific class. These properties abstract away the need to know a specific channel name, attribute type, source device name, and other details required in the libIIO API. Instead properties have easy to understand names, documentation, and error handling to help manage interfacing with different hardware. Property data can be read and written as follows from a given device interface class:

import adi

lidar = adi.fmclidar1()
# Read current pulse width
# Change laser frequency to 1 MHz
lidar.laser_frequency = 1000000

If more detail is required about a specific property it can be directly inspected in the class definitions documnentation or in python itself through the help methods:

>>> import adi
>>> help(adi.Pluto.gain_control_mode_chan0)
Help on property:
    gain_control_mode_chan0: Mode of receive path AGC. Options are:
    slow_attack, fast_attack, manual

For complete documentation about class properties reference the supported devices classes.